Welcome to Heaven Sent Holistic Therapy

My name is Joanne and I live in the picturesque town of Stratford upon Avon. I have been a qualified Holistic Therapist since 2002. I am a highly intuitive & spiritual person by nature and believe strongly in the qualities of natural healing.

Heaven Sent has evolved to enable people from all walks of life to effortlessly welcome tranquillity, peace and wellbeing into their lives. This is achieved through implementing tried & tested, natural & ancient therapeutic techniques.

Heaven Sent tailor-made products contain only the finest natural & organic ingredients. They look and smell gorgeous, but without any added chemicals that cause harm to the environment.

All treatment products are personally hand-blended at home and all treatments are also carried out in a relaxed home setting. I endeavour to treat every client as an individual, thus enabling me to cater to your own very specific needs. This is why each & every product used is customised just for you; After all, everybody is unique!